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秘鲁首都利马 Consulting Group

It’s possible for you to turn your adversaries into willing funders of your digital transformation 

达到 共识 is more than neutralizing detractors. It’s 关于 winning their hearts 和 minds 

Many visionaries 和 change agents aren’t getting the support from the board that they need to execute their worthwhile digital initiatives.

Boards don’t typically fund digital transformation initiatives to the degree that they should at the outset 和 that is because they don’t underst和 it. That’s because the visionaries haven’t done a good job of communicating to the board in a language that the board underst和s.

Don’t feel bad. JP Morgan’s own father was unwilling to support electricity because he thought it was a fad. Don’t be surprised if 和 when this happens to you. This is a cautionary tale. We’ve helped many visionaries 构建 共识 和 打破 the inertia.

秘鲁首都利马 Consulting Group


有远见的人 面对惯性. It will come in the form of miscommunication, misunderst和ing, 偏差, 和 resistance to change. If 有远见的人 a mid-size or large corporation, 你已经 见过. 你已经 bumped into Darth Vader – the empire 构建ers; you know, the type that is always increasing their headcount 和 budget. 

秘鲁首都利马 Consulting Group

To our surprise, many of our customers over the years have told us that the 最大价值 wasn’t in the work that we had done to prepare roadmaps 和 recommendations. It was actually in our ability to drive 共识. We facilitate difficult meetings where strong personalities prevail. Where convincing of a unified digital transformation investment can benefit the entire organization.  

LCG leverages best practices 和 specific methodologies to accelerate your organization's ability to reach 共识. Many of our engagements begin by leveraging design thinking 和 through the construct of LCG unique version of the digital balanced scorecard.

Involve a trusted guide to help navigate the politics 和 personalities 和 optimize for the needs of the entire organization, not the most vocal department. An independent partner like LCG can help you identify the stakeholders that need to be moved 和 craft the story 和 motivations to move them. 达到 共识 is more than neutralizing detractors. The definition of done is when the majority of the stakeholders are actively advocating for the attainment of the desired business outcomes. 

Design thinking is a universal language that transcends the specialties of stakeholders across the organization, converting the necessary associates into advocates 和 ambassadors for digital change. LCG’s Digital Balanced Scorecard aligns the organization on how success will be measured at a multidisciplinary 和 interdepartmental level. 

秘鲁首都利马 Consulting Group

获得 对齐,
打破 惯性,
构建 共识. 

LCG leverages best practices 和 specific methodologies to accelerate your organization's 共识 构建ing.

秘鲁首都利马 Consulting Group
秘鲁首都利马 Consulting Group

Director of Digital Engagement at Tyson Foods

“Every recommendation we made internally is being funded 和 activated. I don’t normally see that at Tyson. There’s usually a lot of gauntlets other department throw in, but we didn’t have to deviate because it was a solid strategy built with their input. I’ve presented it to everyone in dozens of desk-side briefings 和 whether it was IT, 法律, 采购, 金融, 销售, 市场营销, product management, or our rewards loyalty vendors 和 staff, 它很牢固.”